Neighborhood Standards

As a neighborhood organization, no issues is too small for the Texas Organizing Project. Our members start with TOP because of issues they want to see fixed in their own neighborhoods, sometimes on their own street.

For example, after Hurricane Ike, the City of Houston received a historic amount of federal funds to help low-income homeowners recover from the storm. A two year campaign by TOP-organized community leaders culminated at the end of 2011 in an historic agreement between TOP, TOP Ed Fund and Mayor Parker that secured an unprecedented level of funding dedicated to low income homeowners impacted by Hurricane Ike and a lead stakeholder role for TOP in the process of identifying and prioritizing neighborhoods for future community revitalization programs.

In 2013, Pleasant Grove residents in Dallas demanded a stop sign on a street where speeding cars regularly drove, endangering residents and their children. The stop sign was installed by the city not long after TOP members decided to take action.

In 2014, TOP members in Houston demanded the city, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) clean up the abandoned CES Environmental plant in the OST neighborhood. The plant caused a threat to residents who lived merely a block away, with leaking chemicals and toxic air. The EPA and TCEQ quickly put together a plan to clean up the plant by the end of the year.

Also this past year, San Antonio TOP members in the West Side neighborhood noticed an increase in drug dealing and prostitution. After holding numerous meetings and giving a list of demands, the San Antonio Police Department increased car and foot patrols, created more sting operations and pledged to keep residents in the loop about arrests and other developments in the neighborhoods.

TOP members are about building a better state. But building a better Texas starts with building better, stronger neighborhoods.

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