Immigration Campaign Director

Immigration Campaign Director

Background: What’s at Stake for Immigrants in Texas
Up until recently, Texas’ elected officials shied away from public attacks on immigrant families, and at times even passed policies that improved their lives. For example, Texas was the first state to offer undocumented students in-state tuition. But now, with the November 2014 election of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick and Governor Greg Abbott, Texas, with the second largest population of undocumented people, has become ground zero of the anti-immigrant movement. Governor Abbott, then Attorney General, wasted no time in initiating a lawsuit in December 2014 to challenge the incredible organizing victory of President Obama’s executive action establishing DAPA and expanded DACA. After being sworn in as Governor, Abbott supported a barrage of anti-immigrant bills proposed during the 2015 legislative session to repeal in-state tuition for undocumented students, ramp up law enforcement near the border, and force local police departments to inquire about a person’s immigration status. Like California and Arizona, this anti-immigrant wave creates a potential atmosphere for politicizing and galvanizing a population that until now has been on the sidelines. This can be the beginning of a mass-based movement for immigrant rights in Texas, but it’s up to us to seize the moment by engaging people and training them with the skills to engage others.

That’s why Texas Organizing Project is organizing immigrant families in Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio and driving a statewide immigrant rights campaign with the following components:
• Outreach and workshops to inform and screen thousands of eligible Texans in order to prepare them to apply for DAPA and DACA plus
• Street actions and strategic communications to defend the victory of the executive action and fight back against those who intend to take it away
• Comprehensive local campaigns to win policies like municipal IDs that will add a layer of protection to the lives of tens of thousands of immigrants

Job Description: Immigration Campaign Director
TOP is seeking an Immigration Campaign Director that is highly motivated, creative and committed to social, racial, and economic justice. The Campaign Director will report directly to the TOP Organizing Director. The main role of the Immigration Campaign Director is to collaboratively create and implement a comprehensive campaign plan to accomplish TOP’s campaign goals at the state level and in each county. The Campaign Director will convene a team of staff and members to accomplish this in a way that advances the overall goals of the organization and improves the lives of immigrants in Texas.

Key Areas of Responsibility
• In coordination with key staff and member leaders, map out comprehensive strategic campaign plan to accomplish both internal and external goals of the campaign.
• Responsible for the integration of the immigration campaign with overall strategic direction of the organization.
• Works directly with County Directors and organizers on campaigns – providing strategic support, reviewing campaign calendars and workplans, etc. to achieve campaign’s goals
• Works closely with member leaders—ensuring that they play a key role in both the internal and external activities of the organization.
• Together with the Organizing Director and Communications Director, oversee and coordinate the immigration campaign managing a master calendar for all activities, making sure resources are being maximized, ensure the campaigns are properly resourced, coordinating communications needs with the appropriate communication staff and political work and asks.
• Responsible for providing direct development of some key lead level and organizing staff.
• Assist in ensuring relationships with key strategic partners are well managed and the organization is properly represented in coalition meetings or meetings with outside organizations and individuals – politicians, unions, etc.
• Drive culture among staff that embodies the principles of the organization, accountability and pride in smart and effective staff work.
• Regular reports and updates to supervisor and other staff.

Qualifications and Competencies
• Requires significant experience in base building community organizing and strategic campaigning.
• Can think strategically and prioritize staff work and help staff in a dramatically changing political environment.
• Proven manager and supervisor capable of building high performing teams and motivating and developing staff.
• Takes initiative and has a strong work ethic. Willing to put in the time necessary to get the work done.
• High level of organization with an ability to manage multiple tasks. Has an ability to identify, organize and prioritize organizational work tasks.
• Can exercise high level of autonomous decision making and problem solving.
• High level of facilitation and leadership skills in collaborative work.
• Exemplary proficiency in interpersonal communication, listening and conflict resolution; diplomatic in resolving issues.
• Strong written communication skills.
• Emotional intelligence and professional self-management under pressure.
• Bilingual in English and Spanish.

Salary will be commensurate with experience. Benefits include comprehensive medical, dental, vision, 401(k), paid holidays, vacation, sick leave, and travel reimbursement.

Applicants should email cover letter, resume, and references to: with “Immigration Campaign Director” in the subject line.