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My mother was arrested at the doctor’s office

On September 3, my mother went in to see her gynecologist who had been treating a cyst that was causing her pain. Instead of getting the medical attention she needed, the doctor’s office called the police because she’s undocumented. I will never forget seeing my mother led out of the doctor’s office in handcuffs. My family is devastated.

This shouldn’t happen in America. People should have a basic human right to seek medical attention without fear of arrest and deportation. My mother had done nothing wrong. She was at the doctor’s with my father’s health insurance. Yes, her ID was fake, but it held her true identity.

There was no reason for the nurse to call police. My mom wasn’t a threat to herself or anyone else. In fact, my mother would be here legally if not for Gov. Greg Abbott’s lawsuit that stopped President Obama’s executive action that offered legal protections to nearly 5 million people.

On Thursday, I’m joining the Texas Organizing Project to fight back for my mother, and to let Memorial Hermann Health System, the operators of the clinic where my mother was arrested, that they need to do more to protect their patients and fire the employee who chose to call authorities rather than treat my mother’s ailment. We are also asking that Harris County free my mother immediately. She has been in jail for nearly two weeks. She is not a criminal, and we need her at home.

Today, I’m asking you to do what you can to help reunite my family:

  1. Join us this Thursday at 11 a.m. at the Memorial Hermann headquarters, 929 Gessner Drive in Houston. We want a huge crowd out there to show Memorial Hermann and other health care providers that arresting people seeking medical care is NOT acceptable.
  2. If you can’t make it, please donate to our GoFundMe page so we can raise the $3,500 needed to bring my mom home.
  3. Tell Gov. Greg Abbott to drop the lawsuit, and let President Obama’s executive action take effect.

No one should be arrested at a doctor’s office. We need mom with us. Thanks for your support to reunite my family and for fighting to make sure this doesn’t happen to anyone else.

America Ruiz

America and her mom