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Open enrollment is on the horizon! Are you ready for affordable healthcare?

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Healthcare options available starting again November 15th!


Last year over 700,000 Texans enrolled to get health insurance through the Affordable Care Act Insurance MarketPlace.   80% of those received financial assistance to pay for their insurance.  If you enrolled during the last period, log back in to see if there are new or better options for you and your family.  You will be automatically re-enrolled in your current plan, if you do not make any changes.

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Once again the Texas Organizing Project is teaming up with navigator and assister groups in each county to outreach and educate uninsured Texans about coming healthcare options AND connect them to enrollment assistance.


Check out upcoming events and information for each county.

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One of these stories could be just like yours! 

Cecilia Fontenot

Houston Texas

Cecilia Fontenot is a part-time accountant in her early 60’s. She is a widow living on a fixed income in Houston. Cecilia was uninsured before the Affordable Care Act and tried to stay healthy by exercising and eating the right foods. Cecilia is plagued by numerous health problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. A year ago, Cecilia detected a lump on her breast. Her doctor recommended a digital mammogram, but she was not able to afford the more involved test. She signed up through the Marketplace this enrollment period, and was able to save $417 a month on her new plan. She has been to the doctor twice since she enrolled.

Jasmine Medina

San Antonio, Texas

Jasmine Medina found the Texas Organizing Project when she was shopping at the mall, and also found out about the Affordable Care Act through TOP. Medina is the mother of two kids, and discovered that for the situation she was in, the Marketplace presented her with very affordable options. Her husband works for a construction company, but it does not offer very affordable coverage options for her family. After going through her options with a navigator, she enrolled in February with a premium of $130 for herself, her husband and two children.

Jay Joshi

Dallas, Texas

Joshi and her family of four purchased insurance through the Marketplace that commenced on January 1st.  Ms. Joshi has been hyper-vigilant in overcoming whatever challenges to make sure her family got insured.  She’s especially excited to have been able to enroll because her husband, who has diabetes, had been denied health insurance for years due to having a pre-existing condition.  Their monthly premium with Blue Cross/Blue Shield for a family of four is under $200.

Muhammad Iqbal,

Dallas, Texas

Iqbal recently re-located from California for Texas because it was difficult for him to find employment.  Interestingly, he and his wife decided that she would stay behind in California because of her access to healthcare there.  Ms. Iqbal is disabled and entitled to California’s health insurance benefits.  The Iqbals’ have two grown children who live in Canada.   He eagerly applied for insurance through the Marketplace, and is now covered with a monthly premium of $138.