SB4 Austin

Statement in Response to Mayor Turner’s SB4 Comments

The following is a statement by Mary Moreno, director of communications of the Texas Organizing Project, in response to Mayor Sylvester Turner’s comments today at city council:

“The Mayor is right that we need to be in Austin during special session protesting SB4. We were there during the regular session and will return.

“And he’s right when he says that he doesn’t have the power to repeal SB4. But that is not what the community has asked of him.

“All the people who speak so passionately about SB4, as he acknowledged, have a clear ask: file a lawsuit to stop SB4. We make this ask of him because he is our mayor. We want him to show he is on our side, that he will do whatever is in his power to make sure that the rights of all Houstonians are protected.

“We need him to show that he will stand up to Gov. Greg Abbott when he signs laws that effectively encourage and legalize racial profiling.

“Mayor Turner should join Texans fighting against discrimination and file suit to stop SB4. And when we do go to Austin, we’ll do so confident that back home, our mayor has our back.”