Voters in booths at election, elevated view

STATEMENT: Turning the tide in Texas

The following is a statement by Crystal Zermeno, director of political strategy of the Texas Organizing Project, in reaction to yesterday’s Washington Post poll showing Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton within two points of GOP candidate Donald Trump:

“Yesterday’s Washington Post poll revealed what we’ve been hearing and experiencing on the ground for some time. Communities of color in Texas are fed up and not going to take the Trump assault lying down.

“The poll showed Clinton within 2 percentage points of Trump in a 4-way race. A Democratic presidential candidate hasn’t carried the Lone Star State since Jimmy Carter narrowly defeated Gerald Ford in 1976.

“The demographics are on our side for progressive change in leadership for Texas. People of color are the majority in Texas, and we have a progressive majority of registered voters. However, in 2012, more than 2 million registered voters of color sat out the election.

“Each year we’ve seen steady gains in new registration and voter participation among communities of color. This year because of the hate mongering being spewed by Trump and his supporters, progressive voters and voters of color are taking a quantum leap in voter turn out, not only for president, but also in local elections where voters are making critical decisions around the criminalization of our communities in the races for district attorney and county sheriff.

“TOP PAC is contacting more than 360,000 voters statewide this cycle, and we will continue building on this year’s progress every election cycle until we move Texas’ electorate to truly reflect the population of our state.”