TOP: Our communities are resolute, unbowed by President Trump


“Every day, President Trump shows us his true agenda is to dismantle the core values our country has aspired to since its founding: freedom, opportunity and equality.

“Yesterday, it was the pipelines that will endanger our environment and violate Native People’s sacred lands.

“Today, he authorized orders to increase the militarization of our borders; build a deportation force to separate our families and eviscerate our communities and economy; and threatened retaliation against law enforcement agencies who value trust with the community as a pillar for keeping their communities safe (so-called sanctuary cities).

“The President’s actions are a direct threat to the safety, wellbeing and freedoms of millions of people who work hard to keep our economy going, who are neighbors, who are our family.

“We will not be bowed by Trump’s orders. We resolve to work harder to protect ALL communities threatened by this administration.

“It still holds true, even in the era of Trump, that ‘The power of the people is greater than the people in power.’”

By: Michelle Tremillo, executive director, Texas Organizing Project