Decenas marchan en Houston contra intentos republicanos de derogar ‘Obamacare’ (VIDEO)

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Decenas de personas marcharon en Houston, Texas, contra los intentos republicanos de derogar la Ley de Cuidado de Salud a Bajo Costo, conocida como Obamacare. Los participantes fueron maquillados como zombies, como una representación simbólica de lo que el partido del presidente Trump estaría haciendo: “matando a la gente”, según los manifestantes.

La protesta se llevó a cabo el 3 de agosto en la Plaza The Richard and Annette Bloch Cancer Survivors, ubicada en el bloque 1098 de la calle Hermann.

“Estamos muy preocupados porque nos quieren quitar el cuidado médico”, dijo a Mundo Hispánico Dora Alvarado, miembro del Sindicato Internacional de Empleados de Servicio – Texas (SEIU, por sus siglas en inglés). “Si pasa el ‘Trumpcare’ nos quedaríamos desprotegidos casi 23 millones de personas en todo el país”.

Según las estadísticas de la página web del Seguro de Salud, el número total de personas que compraron seguros a través del mercado para 2016 en el área de Houston es de 346,822, de los casi 23 millones que hay en todo el país.

“Tenemos que decir no al Trumpcare y sí al Obamacare”, apuntó Alvarado.

Obamacare, que creó un mercado federal de seguros de salud que ofrece coberturas médicas a precios relativamente asequibles y hasta subsidios, podría desaparecer y hacer realidad una de las más controversiales promesas de campaña del ahora presidente de Estados Unidos, Donald Trump, quien ha hecho una prioridad desde el inicio de la gestión desmantelar mucho del legado de su predecesor, Barack Obama.

“Si quitan este programa dejaría de ir al médico aunque me estuviera muriendo”, dijo Caridad Batista, quién gana menos de 400 dólares al mes como trabajadora doméstica. “Yo quisiera saber si nosotros no estuviéramos aquí, quién iba a hacer el trabajo que (Trump) tanto discute, de que nosotros le quitamos los trabajos al estadounidense. Realmente no es así”.

De acuerdo con Batista, cubana, de 57 años, ella nunca ha visto limpiando a ningún estadounidense.

“Si nos quitan el Obamacare, nos veremos como zombies, nos veremos muertos”, añadió Batista, quien padece de diabetes.

This story originally appeared 8/4/2017 on Mundo Hispánico.

Zombies in Houston protest against Trumpcare, repealing the ACA

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HOUSTON – No matter how many times it dies, President Trump and the Republicans’ attempt to repeal the Affordable Care Act keeps coming back to life.

“If they want to pass a zombie-care undead bill, then we’ll give them zombies,” says Daniel Cohen.

These ‘zombies’ want your brains alright, but more for philosophical reasons than as a meal option.

“This bill has come back from the dead, and so have we,” says Katy Jewett, who credits her health insurance for helping her beat breast cancer.

Protestors gathered, dawning the best zombie makeup they could muster, to help drive home their point that fixing Obamacare is the way to go, and it’s the efforts to repeal that need to die, and stay dead!

“I probably wear regular makeup once every three years,” says Michelle Palmer. “If that’s what we need to do to get the attention to get our message heard, and our voices heard, then that’s what we do.”

Trump wasn’t too popular on the zombie trail, but according to a new Quinnipiac poll, that’s not surprising. Trump’s approval ratings have hit a new low of just 33%. Not that poll numbers ever mattered to Trump, or anyone who voted for him when he was behind in last year’s campaign.

Zombies usually can’t say much, but these walking dead wanted their voices heard!

“Let’s lay out the facts, 32 million people would have lost their health care insurance if they passed the first version of the bill. It did not cover pre-existing conditions, period. It was basically a death pool ready to happen, because it would have washed people out of the market through loopholes that would have allowed big insurance companies to hurt the little guy, and it would have been a huge tax cut for the rich,” explains Cohen.

Not everyone here was committed to the makeup, and but they’re all committed to their cause, which is: rather than digging a grave for Obamacare, patch it up, fix what’s wrong and move forward. Even if it means something that Obama did in office survives the Trump presidency.

This story originally appeared 8/4/2017 on CW 39.

TOP Statement on House GOP Health Care Repeal Vote


The following statement is from Michelle Tremillo, executive director of Texas Organizing Project, in response to U.S. House Republicans passing the American Health Care Act (AHCA), which is projected to increase the amount of uninsured Americans by more than 20 million:

“Today’s vote will come back to haunt Republicans in Congress. Neither they nor their constituents know how many people this bill actually insures, nor how much it will cost. This is not how you fix our nation’s health care system; this is how you destroy it and hurt millions in the process.

“Not only will the American Health Care Act (AHCA) increase the cost of insurance for millions of Americans, it will disproportionately impact people of color, those over age 50, and families living on a tight budget. In addition, this bill allows states to strip protections for pre-existing conditions, a life-saving measure for many Texas and American families.

“After passage of this shameful bill in the House, the health and wellbeing of millions now lies with the Senate. We will continue to voice our opposition to this cruel excuse for a health care plan, and urge others to do the same.”


Texas Organizing Project organizes Black and Brown communities in Texas’ three largest counties with the goal of transforming Texas into a state where working people of color have the power and representation they deserve. For more information, visit