IGUALDAD SALARIAL: Reclamo de hispanos en Houston (VIDEO)

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Decenas de trabajadores en Houston se reunieron alrededor de las 12 del medio día frente a la alcaldía, para exigir un aumento salarial aprovechando el Día de la Igualdad Salarial.

MundoHispánico habló con varias hispanas y estas dijeron que lo que ganan no les da para vivir.

“Mi salario no me alcanza para nada, tengo familia e hijos que tenemos que sacar adelante”, dijo Ana Mosqueda, una de las manifestantes. “Son salarios de bajo nivel de pobreza para una familia”.

This story originally appeared 4/4/2017 on Mundo Hispánico.

Advocates Rally for Construction Workers’ Rights in Texas

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AUSTIN, Texas — Worker advocates from across Texas marched at the State Capitol to remember construction workers who were killed on the job.

People showed up in buses from Houston, Dallas and the Rio Grande Valley to honor their loved ones.

According to a study done by the Workers Defense Project in collaboration with the University of Texas, a worker dies in a construction accident in Texas every three days.

“We hope folks in Texas are aware of the hard work that construction workers have to put in everyday working 14 hours in the hot Texas sun sometimes not getting a break or maybe not getting the safety protections and training that they need,” said Sam Robles with the Workers Defense Project.

Construction workers at the capitol urged lawmakers to pass legislation to protect them and prevent more on the job accidents.

This story originally appeared 3/2/2017 on TWC News.

What Are the Economic Opportunities in Greater Houston?


All this week, NPR and public radio stations nationwide are taking part in this week’s A Nation Engaged project which asks, “What can we do to create economic opportunity for more Americans?”

On this edition of Houston Matters, we turn the question towards economic opportunity here in Greater Houston. First, Michael Hagerty talks with Bill Gilmer, Director of the Institute for Regional Forecasting at the University of Houston’s Bauer College of Business about Greater Houston’s role in creating economic opportunity for more Americans, and what economic sectors offer those opportunities here in the region now and in the coming years.

Then, we discuss economic opportunities in Greater Houston from three perspectives, as we talk with: Patrick Jankowski, Greater Houston Partnership’s Senior Vice President of Research; Laura Perez-Boston, Harris County Campaign Director for the Texas Organizing Project; and Ghulam Kehar, founder and CEO of Amaanah Refugee Services. We’ll talk about how that economic opportunity can manifest itself for Houstonians in different ways: by lifting up those who live below the poverty line, by supporting refugees after their initial resettlement, and by enticing corporate relocations and spurring start-ups.

This story originally appeared 9/21/2016 on Houston Public Radio.