TOP: Our communities are resolute, unbowed by President Trump


“Every day, President Trump shows us his true agenda is to dismantle the core values our country has aspired to since its founding: freedom, opportunity and equality.

“Yesterday, it was the pipelines that will endanger our environment and violate Native People’s sacred lands.

“Today, he authorized orders to increase the militarization of our borders; build a deportation force to separate our families and eviscerate our communities and economy; and threatened retaliation against law enforcement agencies who value trust with the community as a pillar for keeping their communities safe (so-called sanctuary cities).

“The President’s actions are a direct threat to the safety, wellbeing and freedoms of millions of people who work hard to keep our economy going, who are neighbors, who are our family.

“We will not be bowed by Trump’s orders. We resolve to work harder to protect ALL communities threatened by this administration.

“It still holds true, even in the era of Trump, that ‘The power of the people is greater than the people in power.’”

By: Michelle Tremillo, executive director, Texas Organizing Project

TOP Pleased with DOJ Appeal to Supreme Court


The following is a statement from Danny Cendejas, TOP’s immigration campaign field director, on the Department of Justice filing an appeal today with the Supreme Court in Texas vs United States:

“We’re very pleased that the Department of Justice acted swiftly to file this appeal, and are hopeful that the Supreme Court will consider the case during this term, and lift the injunction.

“More than 5 million American lives depend on the Supreme Court’s decision. Life as an undocumented person in the US is full of hardship and sacrifice. No one deserves to live in the shadows, fearful of sudden deportation and separation from loved ones. No one deserves to work in the shadows, vulnerable to exploitation and unsafe working conditions.

“It’s unconscionable that Gov. Abbott, with his lawsuit to stop the President’s executive actions, would put politics ahead of the well being of so many Americans, and that he would deny even to meet with the families affected by his decision, to see their faces, to hear their stories.

“But Gov. Abbott won’t have the last word on this case. That belongs to the Supreme Court. And it’s established by precedent that the President acted lawfully on signing the executive actions. We will prevail, and we will remember who was against our progress.”

Momentum for Leticia Van de Putte

On Friday, TOP announced our endorsement of Leticia Van de Putte for Mayor in the San Antonio runoff.

Today, she received the endorsements of Councilman Alan Warrick, Bexar County Commissioner Tommy Calvert and state Rep. Ruth Jones McClendon, who all represent Ivy Tayor’s former city council district.

Her momentum is growing and ours is also. We’re pleased that our member volunteer program is already off the ground in District 5. Here are a few pictures of our members calling voters:



Our members understand that issues and personal self-interest is what drive voters to vote. That’s why we organize our community year-round on the issues that are important to them, like access to health care, immigration reform, neighborhood rights and public education. We connect those issues to candidates and elected officials and work with them to become champions for our members. It’s the key to increasing the rate of Texans who don’t vote versus parachuting in just before an election.

Check out this story that KSAT 12 did about us last year for more background.

In our two years on the ground, we have built a deep core of more than two dozen active leaders, 326 dues-paying members and 32,727 supporters.

This run-off our member volunteer program is targeting 3,000 voters in the heart of the West Side in District 5, the heart of where we do our organizing. When we meet our goals, we predict that our member volunteer program will deliver between 500-600 votes for Leticia Van de Putte.

In addition, we’re fundraising to continue to fund our year-round organizing in San Antonio. If we hit our goal, we’ll be able to continue our organizing efforts and increase our GOTV efforts for the run-off election and target an additional 8,000 voters.

Our increased voter targets will include TOP members and supporters, general election voters, and the next tier of likely voters – including voters who we spoke with and cast a ballot in 2014 – with the goal of delivering additional voters that ensure victory for LVP. We will target LVP’s high vote precincts from the general election that fall into our core organizing turf in Council District 5, and also where TOP members are running a neighborhood rights campaign.

These precincts will also largely overlap with the precincts we have already worked in May 9th municipal  election and the 2014 general election – when we ran our largest electoral operation in the county to date, targeting approximately 30,000 unlikely Latino voters and moving over 9,000 voters to the polls.

While this run-off is a shorter timeline, we will run the same rigorous and accountable program that we have run in elections across the state – strategic targeting of voters, connecting the issues to voting, trained canvassers, organizers, and leaders on the ground, and multiple contacts that deliver voters to the polls.

TOP’s ability to mobilize San Antonians who have not historically voted is an essential ingredient to making city policy and investment more inclusive. Leticia Van de Putte is the perfect partner in this effort.

It’s up to all of us to make sure that voter turnout reflects the values and priorities of San Antonio.

TOP endorse-LVP