TOP statement on President Trump’s decision to end Obamacare financial assistance designed to help low-income Americans

Trump healthcare

Last night, the Trump Administration announced that it would end Obamacare’s cost-sharing reduction payments intended to help low-income Americans gain access to healthcare. The following is a statement by Brianna Brown, deputy director of the Texas Organizing Project:

“This decision by the Trump Administration is the latest iteration of sabotage of our healthcare system and Obamacare. After his Republican colleagues failed to pass repeal because of the backlash across the country, President Trump is now attempting to do a “synthetic repeal” by ending Obamacare’s financial assistance for those who need it the most. As a result, millions of families across the country will suffer. This is an important reminder that this administration is built on callous disregard for and disconnect from people struggling to make ends meet, particularly people of color.

“TOP believes healthcare is a fundamental human right. Instead of restricting access to affordable healthcare, Congress must act now to expand it. Likewise, numerous recent polls show that a large majority of the public want President Trump to work to improve Obamacare, not dismantle it. It is morally reprehensible that he continues to spend time, energy and taxpayers’ dollars on his sabotage crusade.”


Texas Organizing Project organizes Black and Latino communities in Harris, Dallas and Bexar counties with the goal of transforming Texas into a state where working people of color have the power and representation they deserve. For more information, visit

San Antonio protesters demand that Trump release his income tax returns

Trump chicken protest

More than 100 activists rallied outside of U.S. Congressman Will Hurd’s office on the North Side on Tuesday afternoon, protesting President Donald Trump’s refusal to release his income taxes returns.

With signs and posters held high, the crowd lined the curb outside of Hurd’s office building, cheering motorists who honked their car horns in solidarity with their cause. One or two drivers lowered their car windows and yelled out taunts opposing the march.

This past weekend, more than 150 marches took place across the nation as part of a wave of similar protests set up at

Hurd is not in San Antonio this week. Protesters said that the doors to the congressman’s office were locked, preventing march representatives from talking to an aide. Speakers Rosey Abuabara and Alejandro Guzman energized the crowd, voicing their displeasure that Hurd or a member of his staff was not present to hear their complaints.

“He doesn’t want to meet us,” Guzman yelled to the crowd through a megaphone. “He works for us! We deserve to be heard by our elected official!”
Hurd’s campaign manager, Justin Hollis suggested that the crowd’s claims might not be on target.

“If the DCCC and the Texas Democratic Party would have done their homework,’ Hollis wrote in an email, “they would know that Congressman Hurd called on President Trump to release his taxes back in January.”

The event was sponsored by several groups, including Mi Familia Vota, Planned Parenthood, Service Employees International Union and the Texas Organizing Project.
Janet Oglethorpe, with TX23 Indivisible, was among the contingent that included retirees, college students, Moms Demand Action members and several youngsters and toddlers. Oglethorpe said Hurd needs to stop voting with Trump and represent all members of his 23rd Congressional District.

“We need that transparency,” she said, “and I want him to pass that along to Donald Trump.”

Rabbi Samuel M. Stahl said his wife alerted him to the rally.

“I’m very concerned that our current president has not followed the practice of his predecessors and released his tax returns,” the rabbi said. “I’m concerned about what he’s hiding and why he’s been so resistant to following the wishes of the people.”

Stahl worries that people might tire of protests, but he is hopeful that hasn’t happened yet.

“We don’t want justice fatigue to set in,” he said, above shouts of “No more secrets, no more lies” from the crowd.

The chants and sign waving subsided briefly as organizers inflated a large mascot, Chicken Don, that’s been featured at rallies around the nation. The large, balloon caricature of Trump bobbed above protesters who posed for photos and let laughter replace their ire for a few moments.

Linda Lowman walked through the assembly bearing a triangle-shaped shadow box, with a folded American flag displayed beneath glass in memory of her father, World War II veteran Melville M. Hughes Jr. She said her father taught her that Americans can all do their part for their country by paying their taxes.

“Here’s Mr. Trump, who has been blessed with more money than most of the people in the United States make, and yet he’s looking for loopholes so he doesn’t have to pay,” she said. “If he was here now, my father would be appalled.”

This story originally appeared 4/18/2017 in the San Antonio Express-News.

La organización Texas Organizing Project invita a un taller gratuito de inmigración

Chicas immigration

En tiempos como este es importante estar bien informado sobre los derechos que nos cobijan a todos en este país. Por eso la organización Texas Organizing Project invita a un taller gratuito de inmigración a realizarse el sábado 25 de marzo en el centro multiservicios de Magnolia. Abogados especializados responderán a las dudas de los asistentes, en vivo y en español.

This story originally appeared 3/17/2017 on Univision 45.