TOP Ed Fund Sues to Stop SB4

The Texas Organizing Project Education Fund this week joined a lawsuit as plaintiff, along with El Paso County and El Paso County Sheriff Richard Wiles, to stop SB4 from being implemented. The following is a statement by Michelle Tremillo, executive director of the TOP Ed Fund:

“Texas Organizing Project Education Fund was founded nearly a decade ago to fight for equality and justice for people of color, building on the freedom movements from around the world. We wanted to dismantle the systems of oppression and discrimination that disproportionately keep people of color incarcerated, in poor health and in poverty.

“SB4 is a big blow against our mission and our communities. Despite what Gov. Abbott says, SB4 will not only lead to increased racial profiling of Latinos and other people of color, but it will effectively legalize it.

“This is why we joined this lawsuit to stop SB4, and are actively lobbying our cities, Houston, San Antonio and Dallas, to sue as well.

“The destructive nature of SB4 and other discriminatory bills recently adopted by this Republican-controlled legislature cannot be overstated. Texas, like so many of our states, has benefitted greatly from the contributions of immigrants from all over the world. SB4 clearly tells the world that only white, straight fundamentalist Christian men are welcome here.

“Gov. Abbott has now declared reinstating the most restrictive voter ID law in the country an emergency. Of course it is. He knows that his discriminatory act of signing SB4 into law has the potential of provoking a political awakening in communities of color, and he needs to preemptively steal their right to vote.

“We hope the courts will intervene again, and see that the only intention behind any Texas voter ID law is to disenfranchise the poor, the elderly and voters of color. And that the courts will also see that SB4 is but another weapon to suppress and intimidate people of color.”