Helping Dallas County residents unfairly left out of the federal stimulus

At a commissioners court meeting on May 5, TOP members called on Dallas County commissioners to allocate funds to supplement federal and state funding to provide relief to residents unjustly left out of the federal stimulus money in response to coronavirus.

Since the first cases of coronavirus sprang up in Dallas County weeks ago, there has been widespread concern on the severity of the impact this pandemic has had and will continue to have, on our most vulnerable community members, the majority being Black and Latino residents.

The money we’re asking Dallas County to allocate should provide direct relief services for expenses like rent, utilities, and for medicines and fuel among other things that will allow residents to meet their basic needs and alleviate hardships.

Dallas County families left out of the federal stimulus deserve relief NOW.

To get involved with our campaign to win this much-needed financial relief, call/text TOP organizer Diana Albino-Cortez at (469) 510-9069, or email her at dcalbino@organizetexas.org.