If Washington won’t act, we will

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It’s outrageous that our Washington leaders continue to disregard undocumented immigrants.

At a recent press conference, TOP made it very clear that if our Washington leaders won’t act, we will.

We will do this by channeling our frustration into building political power and demonstrating the impact of the immigrant vote this election and in future elections. It all starts with getting civically engaged and organized as a community. Those of us who are eligible to vote, will vote, and all of us will fight to stop the deportation machine that is separating hundreds of families each day.

Our future lies in our hands. At this point only we—not politicians—can make this nation better for our families and end the immigration reform delay. By coming together to organize to fight back and getting out the vote, we will make Texas a better place for immigrant families.

Text ‘family’ to 738-674 to join our campaign to stop deportations.

Danny Cendejas,
TOP Dallas senior organizer