Our Plan to Turn Texas Teal

1.6 million voter targets

Black & Latino unlikely & sporadic voters

5 counties

We know that it is not a matter of if, but when Texas will turn progressive. And when it does, we change the political landscape for a generation. In 2020, TOP and TOP PAC will help put Texas firmly on the map as a battleground state and set us on a path for progressive governance in 2022.

Our Goals: 1) Win a Democratic majority in the Texas State House; 2) Flip and protect Congressional seats; 3) Increase turnout among communities of color to contest statewide.

Our Plan: Our program is designed to turn up the dial on turnout in Texas by targeting sporadic, unlikely newly registered and first-time 2018 voters of color and young voters in strategic counties that are the largest in the state and are the keys to winning.

Target Voters: 1.6 million voters tied to 1 million phones – minimum goal of 300-450,000 direct conversations plus a digital reach to a broader universe.

Who: Black and Latino voters that are unlikely to vote in the 2020 General Election – sporadic presidential, very unlikely, newly engaged in 2018 and newly registered voters of color and young voters.

Where: Largest counties of Dallas, Harris/Ft. Bend, Bexar and Nueces; contest in statewide races of U.S. President & Senate, all state and congressional flip and protect districts within these counties.

Congressional: CDs 21, 22, 24 & 23 (Flips); CDs 7 & 32 (Holds),
CDs 2, 10, & 25 (Likely R)

Texas House: HDs 26, 28, 85, 108, 112, 121, 126, 134, 138 (Flips);
HDs 102, 105, 107, 113, 114, 115, 132, 135 (Holds)

Everything is at stake in 2020 elections–from realizing bail reform, having a voice in how the electoral lines get drawn for the next decade, to protecting the Supreme Court from further right-wing extremism. The twin impact of COVID-19 and the uprisings in our communities, have upped the stakes in a way that obligates TOP to meet this moment with organizing innovations and our largest voter mobilization effort to date.