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Working tirelessly with pro-reform allies, TOP is at the front line of immigration reform organizing efforts in Texas, orchestrating direct actions, marches, vigils, protests and rallies to promote reform and hold accountable elected leaders who side against hardworking immigrant families.Immigrants contribute greatly to our nation as workers, consumers, business owners and taxpayers, and now is the time to fix our broken immigration system with common sense reform that creates a roadmap to citizenship for 11 million undocumented people who aspire to become American citizens. Most of the 11 million have lived in America for years. They are members of our communities and churches, and they are our friends and family members.

TOP is not only pushing for fair and humane solutions to our nation’s broken immigration system, we are fighting the deportation machine that is needlessly ripping apart our families. Each day, more than 1,000 deportations take place that tear at the fabric of our communities.

Reforming our nation’s broken immigration system was not easy yesterday, it’s not easy today, and it won’t get any easier tomorrow. The only way our elected leaders in Washington will act is if we demand it, vote and show our power.

Our future is in our hands. By coming together to organize and get out the vote, we will make Texas a better place for immigrant families and all Texans!

Click here for a list of TOP’s upcoming workshops on President Obama’s executive action on immigration!

Also, click here to sign our immigration petition demanding Governor Abbott meet with immigrant families! 

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