“The only path to progressive power in Texas is through real engagement with Black communities.”

– Brianna Brown, Co-Executive Director of TOP

TOP was built on the premise that the future of Texas rests in linking the fates of Black folks and Latinos. Every day, the decisions we make contribute to both building TOP into an institution that will stand the test of time and transforming how we experience our collective everyday-extraordinary lives–whether that’s in the fight to ensure that our public schools are fully funded or the structural interventions we’re mounting to end cash bail.

Texas Organizing Project’s BlackTOP group is intended for and open to all people in Texas who identify as Black/African-American/ADOS (American Descendants of Slavery). We convene virtually on a regular basis to create a safe space for Black people to discuss the issues and challenges of our communities, talk about how we can begin to heal from the trauma of our lived experiences, and explore ways that we can start to improve these conditions through action in our communities.

Please join us as we connect, heal, and move forward to build a #Texas4All for our Black communities across the state!

For more information, contact Terrance “TK” Koontz at (832) 998-1866 or

TOP Black Voter Study (December 2020)

TOP Black Voter Study infographic one-pager