Scroll down for a full list of TOP’s endorsed candidates for the 2020 general election. Read our endorsement announcement press release here.

Click below to view PDF endorsed candidate slate cards for the following counties:

Harris County

Dallas County

Bexar County

Fort Bend County


Joe Biden and Kamala Harris
for U.S. President and Vice President


Chrysta Castañeda
for Texas Railroad Commission
Elizabeth Frizell
for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 3
Tina Yoo Clinton
for Texas Court of Criminal Appeals, Place 4


Sima Ladjevardian
for Congress, Dist. 2
Sheila Jackson Lee
for Congress, Dist. 18
Wendy Davis
for Congress, Dist. 21
Candace Valenzuela
for Congress, Dist. 24
Sri Kulkarni
for Congress, Dist. 22

State House

Sandra Moore
for State House, Dist. 133
Ann Johnson
for State House, Dist. 134
Jon Rosenthal
for State House, Dist. 135
Shawn Thierry
for State House, Dist. 146
Penny Shaw
for State House, Dist. 148
Jasmine Crockett
for State House, Dist. 100
Brandy Chambers
for State House, Dist. 112
Celina Montoya
for State House, Dist. 121
Sarah DeMerchant
for State House, Dist. 26
Ron Reynolds
for State House, Dist. 27
Eliz Markowitz
for State House, Dist. 28

State Senate

Roland Gutierrez
for Texas Senate, Dist. 19

Harris County

Rodney Ellis
for Harris County Commissioner, Pct. 1
Michael Moore
for Harris County Commissioner, Pct. 3
Christian Menefee
for Harris County Attorney
Ana Martinez
for Texas Judicial Dist. 179
Te’iva Bell
for Texas Judicial Dist. 339
Natalia Cornelio
for Texas Judicial Dist. 351
Genesis Draper
for Harris County Criminal Court,
No. 12
Darrell Jordan
for Harris County Criminal Court,
No. 16

Dallas County

Audra Riley
for Dallas County Criminal Dist. Court, No. 3

Bexar County

Rebeca Clay-Flores
for Bexar County Commissioner, Pct. 1
Justin Rodriguez
for Bexar County Commissioner, Pct. 2
Javier Salazar
for Bexar County Sheriff

Fort Bend County

Tameika Carter
for Texas 400th District Court
J. Christian Becerra
for Texas 434th District Court
Teana V. Watson
for Fort Bend County Court at Law No. 5

Travis County

José Garza
for Travis County District Attorney

Nueces County

Mark Gonzalez
for Nueces County District Attorney