TOP Candidate Endorsement Process

  1. TOP County Leadership Teams (CLTs) and staff suggest races to screen candidates in that electoral cycle.
  2. CLT votes on if these races meet criteria for issuing a TOP endorsement.
  3. Dates for candidate screenings are set and candidates in races that meet the criteria are notified.
  4. A TOP screening committee is created and prepares for screening date.
  5. Questionnaires are drafted and sent to candidates with expectation it will be filled-out and submitted to TOP prior to candidates screening.
  6. CLT members review questionnaires and determine whether to extend invitation to candidate.
  7. Candidate screening takes place.
  8. TOP screening committee scores the candidate during screening, deliberates, and issues a recommendation on endorsement of the candidate to TOP’s board.
  9. TOP board confirms or denies the recommendation, making the official endorsement.
  10. Candidate is notified of the decision, as well as TOP staff and membership.

TOP’s 6 Considerations for Political Endorsements

1. Does the candidate have a strong history of working with TOP on our issues?

2. How did the candidate respond to TOP’s written questionnaire?

3. How was the candidate rated by TOP members during the in person screening?

4. Does the candidate have support from our allied organizations?

5. Is the candidate viable?

6. Does the candidate reflect TOP values?