About Texas Organizing Project PAC

Texas is a battleground state, and Texas Organizing Project (TOP) PAC’s aim is to further push the state toward a progressive future that will deliver substantive change and shift more power into the hands of Black and Latino Texans.

Texas Organizing Project PAC runs the largest, independent get-out-the-vote political field programs in Texas, focusing on expanding the electorate of color, with an emphasis on turning out Black and Latino voters. To date, TOP PAC has mobilized hundreds of thousands of voters across the state with the aim of transforming Texas and building a reflective democracy — one that looks like us and shares our values.

We build relationships with Texas voters through on-the-ground issue organizing, engaging people on the issues that matter most to them, and linking those issues to voting when election time comes around. It’s not just about presidential elections – we talk to voters in municipal, school district, special elections, county, and state races, too. We build relationships and trust in order to also build a culture of voting, all with the goal of shifting the political landscape and expanding progressive infrastructure in Texas.