Stronger Together: TOP’s Unwavering Commitment to Pro-Black Evolution

This August, over 80 TOP staff and members journeyed to Montgomery and Selma, Alabama — cornerstone locations of the Civil Rights Movement and the Black community’s ongoing fight for equality. 

TOP Co-Executive Director Brianna Brown shared, “This journey was more than a trip; it was a vital step for TOP staff and members to truly understand and embrace pro-Black values. We can’t effectively serve our communities if we don’t fully grasp their histories and aspirations.The goal was shaping a future where organizations, including TOP, authentically embrace pro-Black values. With TOP actively engaging with Black and Latino communities across Texas every day, understanding pro-Blackness — beyond just Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion standards — is paramount.

Throughout the Alabama journey, TOP delved into the core of Black resilience and innovation. We cried, learned, relished stories over meals, sang karaoke, navigated discomfort, celebrated collective breakthroughs, enhanced our political knowledge, and forged a path towards TOP’s evolution. We also contemplated societal trade-offs, understanding that reenvisioning these can lead to collective prosperity, not just individual wealth.

This experience anchored TOP’s commitment to embodying pro-Black values. “Stronger Together” is more than a slogan; it’s our essence. We urge every TOP member to internalize and portray what a genuine pro-Black organization embodies — celebrating the richness and authenticity of Blackness without bias or conditions.

Anti-Blackness, entrenched in our nation’s fabric, demands a resolute commitment to eradicate. TOP doesn’t merely recognize this; we champion it with vigor. Being pro-Black is about inclusivity, far removed from the “all lives matter” rhetoric. We believe championing the rights of Black individuals inherently uplifts all.

TOP’s “Stronger Together: Be A Pro-Black Organization” initiative underlines our unwavering dedication to progress. We strive not for perfection, but for consistent, impactful growth. Our goal is to vanquish anti-Black racism, ensuring Black individuals feel valued and integrated, both within TOP and the broader community.

Tackling anti-Black racism involves dismantling longstanding oppressive systems affecting both Black and Latino communities. Spotlighting anti-Blackness augments our shared understanding, lighting a path toward collective liberation. America’s story of capitalism is also tainted by the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and its grim legacy. “Stronger Together” seeks to challenge racial capitalism at its core, propelling us toward a more equitable future.

This initiative reflects our identity and purpose. At its heart lies our relentless pursuit of racial and economic justice, leveraging TOP’s strategy to intertwine PEOPLE POWER with POLITICAL POWER.

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