Texas hovers at the bottom of the scale of most social indicators. Twenty-four percent of Texas children live in poverty, 1.4 million or 20% have no health coverage, and 63% of public school students qualify for free or reduced lunch.

Unfortunately, the institutions with the power to improve these social indicators often are controlled by those who fail to represent the majority of Texans and, in fact, work to their detriment.

At the same time, Texas has a dramatic voter turnout problem. In 2010, Texas ranked 50th in the nation for turnout of eligible voters, and moved up to 48th in 2012. There are approximately 3 million low-propensity voters of color in Texas, of which, over 900,000 are concentrated in the three counties where TOP organizes.

TOP’s overall strategy is to raise the voices and participation of low to moderate income families, particularly communities of color, in the decision making and electoral process. Through our work, we aim to shift the state so that the priorities advanced through decision-makers in both the public and private arena reflect the actual needs and best interests of the majority of Texans.

Our children bear the brunt and neighborhoods with a high number of low propensity, registered, minority voters. In these neighborhoods, we work to develop community leaders and a base of organized residents to create tangible change in their communities through expanded electoral participation!

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