BlackTOP Organizer (Dallas, Harris, or Bexar County)

About BlackTOP: TOP was built on the premise that the future of Texas rests in linking the fates of Black folks and Latinos. Everyday the decisions we make contribute to both building TOP into an institution that will stand the test of time and transforming how we experience our collective, everyday-extraordinary lives–whether that’s in the fight to ensure that our public schools are fully funded or the structural interventions we’re mounting to end cash bail. Sometimes the decisions we make inch us towards our destiny, sometimes our decisions leap us there. BlackTOP’s work desires to do both–exist in the minutia and the monumental, in the short-term sprints, in the fuel for the long term marathon. Utilizing the foundation that exists, BlackTOP aims to bring the puzzle together with intentionality and purpose, especially eyeing the ingredients it’ll take to achieve a #Texas4All. The core goals are to:

● Knit together Black members and staff in a way that grounds us in history, draws on our culture and makes us better power-building organizers.
● Create our unique strategy of engagement to inspire Black Texans to action in the streets and to the ballot box.
● Internally and externally, crystallize TOP as an organization that is about the work of Black liberation.

The work is committed to building Black and Latino power by building out an
unapologetic Black lane that roots us in our history while merging our imaginations
with strategy to manifest the future of our dreams, celebrates and nourishes our
culture and dares all of us to up our organizing game, appreciating what’s differently
at stake for Black folks.

Job Description: TOP is seeking a talented and dedicated BlackTOP Organizer to help build our organization as part of an exciting effort interweaving community grassroots organizing, electoral organizing, and policy advocacy in Texas. The BlackTOP Organizer will be key in working with Black Texans to build power in Black communities by creating engaging spaces distinct to the experiences of Black Texans and organizing Black Texans into the broader TOP vision of Black and Latino solidarity and power. The ideal candidate is an experienced field organizer with some activism experience, coalition-builder and strategist who believes deeply in the importance of Black Liberation and ending Anti Blackness. The BlackTOP organizer will be responsible for working with their supervisor, TOP staff and members, community leaders, and allies to mobilize Black Texans.. They must be able to organize and effectively communicate at all levels – from grassroots community members to allies to people in power. The BlackTOP Organizer will report directly to the Statewide Training Coordinator and work closely with TOP Staff, TOP members, existing community leaders and core partners in building BlackTOP as a powerful piece of TOP.

Key Areas of Responsibility:
● Arrange for and prepare community leaders to lead community meetings, actions and events
● Provide administrative support
● Consistently track and input data into EveryAction database, training provided
● Consistent (weekly) community outreach and base-building responsibilities, including but not limited to canvassing/door-knocking; phone banking, text banking, reaching out to social media contacts, etc.
● Participation in electoral organizing during election season on an as needed basis, including canvassing/door knocking, phone-banking
● On social media, cultivating a BlackTOP point of view participating in ‘Black Twitter’, Facebook and Instagram communities

Qualifications and Competencies:
● Excellent organizing skills, strategizing, and executing a strategic organizing campaign plan
● 1 year of professional organizing or community activism experience
● Passion for and commitment to social, economic, and racial justice
● Excellent written and verbal communications skills
● Critical thinking and problem solving skills
● Relentless drive, tenacity and a willingness to do what it takes to advance our mission and values
● A personal story that communicates your passion for this work is a plus
● Excellent time management, project management and delegation skills
● Proficiency in VAN preferred
● Experience with relational organizing tools preferred
● Similar experience in grassroots nonprofit, labor, or political organization
● Full time access to a car

Salary: $55,000 – 60,000; Generous benefits package includes: comprehensive medical, dental, vision, 401(k), paid holidays including a weeklong period of rejuvenation at the end of each calendar year, vacation, parental leave, sick leave, and travel reimbursement.

*This position is within a bargaining unit that is represented by a union.

To apply: Send cover letter, resume, salary requirements and three professional references to

**Women of color and directly impacted individuals are strongly encouraged to apply