GOTV program overview

Our 2021 Bexar County GOTV field program is working right now to help elect progressive San Antonio City Council candidates Jalen McKee-Rodriguez (District 2) and Teri Castillo (District 5), who will listen to and lift up the City’s communities of color. Learn more about the candidates here.

Our leadership also endorsed YES for the City of San Antonio’s Proposition B, which if passed would increase police accountability as well as the community’s trust in the local police department.

Operations started on March 19 knocking on the doors and phone banking of targeted Latino, Black, some progressive white drop-off voters, TOP Members and supporters. Our targeting used qualitative and quantitative modeling, vote history, and geography. All canvassers have been trained using strict adherence to CDC safety guidelines and have been equipped with fresh and new PPE equipment daily, that meet or exceed state guidelines. They are also paid a hazard pay premium.

More than 8,000 unique households are being knocked in our First Pass, and we now have a universe that will receive two passes and a phone and peer-texting program now through Election Day on May 1. There will also be a digital program that will be targeting voters through social media ads in San Antonio City Council, District 2 and 5.

Our canvass program is currently targeting 8,700 doors in Bexar County, housing 11,000 voters.

If you would like to support or volunteer for this initiative, contact us

Progress report (as of April 12, 2021):

  • 8,526 doors hit with over 10,230 voters in District 2 and 5. 
  • 9,000 union printed literature pieces have been distributed. 
  • 15,581 phone calls made targeting 18,697 voters  
  • Our social media campaign will be reaching 180,000 unique views and calls to action in targeted ZIP Codes throughout this week 
  • By end of this week, we will have sent 20,967 texts to voting age BIPOC (Black Indigenous/Latinx People Of Color) voters