Texas For All Race Class Narrative Coordinator (Six-Month Contract Position with the Texas For All Coalition, housed at TOP)

There is no question about the inevitable demographic future of Texas. Every day it grows younger and more ethnically diverse. The question has always been when and whether or not governance and governing power in the state will be harnessed towards a more reflective and equitable society (versus the current corporate welfare state that continues to drive a widening wealth gap).

We believe that democracy and governance in Texas should express our values and look like our people, not the mismatched reality of today’s divisive, apartheid conditions. To accomplish our goals of a deeper and more reflective participatory democracy, we need to cut through divisive and racist tactics with an inspiring, values-driven vision of a Texas where all families can thrive. We believe this can be done through broadening awareness and developing deep alignment around a shared Race Class Narrative (RCN) in Texas. We are looking to hire a Contract position who will own and drive this objective with a coalition of in-state partners. 


A coalition of organizations in state are seeking to hire an experienced consultant who will own and drive a collaborative process with a coalition of in-state partners.This person will work with the Texas For All coalition to train our partners on, build momentum around, and embed the Race Class Narrative (RCN) into communications and political strategy.

This position is responsible for work that is crucial to the proliferation of the Texas for All RCN framework: workshop facilitation, toolkit development for Texas, messaging and strategic consulting, and turning guidance into action. This position focuses on building strategic partnerships in the state and developing and refining our tools and strategic applications of RCN in Texas.  In particular through:

  1. Bridging Research and Implementation – You will create a bridge between narrative and practice through the creative implementation of messaging research in earned and paid media strategies
  2. Alignment at the National, State, and Local Level – In partnership with nation, state, and local movement organizations, you will help to build in-state and national narrative alignment that engages the public and creates repeaters of our narratives addressing race and class.

The ideal candidate will be able to blend strategy, partner-level organizing, and message consulting so that we have as many people as possible implementing RCN across the state. Success in this role will require building strong relationships across our partner organizations so as to influence the direction of legislative to grassroot-level strategy and help build the capacity of communicators, organizers, and spokespeople in Texas. In doing this, you will be supported and provided materials by WMTF’s leadership and national network.  

Job Responsibilities:

  • Build trust, buy-in, and drive alignment around proven race-class narratives, messages, and tactics across a diverse coalition of groups in Texas
  • Activate RCN by infusing it into existing and emerging strategy and  communications; and by co-developing tactics with our partner organizations 
  • Provide strategic guidance, technical assistance and input, and edits to partners’ news releases, op-eds, and other communication materials
  • Identify and work with partners in the field to gauge strategic-communication needs and promote communications tools and deploy RCN implementation materials and workshops as appropriate (e.g. toolkits, handouts)
  • Work with We Make the Future (WMTF) leadership and apply pre-existing training materials to facilitate workshops on the Race Class Narrative to aid partners, policymakers, organizers, and other social justice leaders in their work
  • Localize and adapt RCN workshop materials, editing tools, and messaging recommendations for Texas-specific applications
  • Work collaboratively with the WMTF team to surface Texas-specific needs for research, message development, toolkits, and more
  • Own in-state coordination around and relationships related to national narrative projects

    Required Qualifications:
  • Openness to learning new narrative frameworks such as Race Class Narrative
  • Experience with coalition building, outreach, relational organizing, and in reaching alignment across diverse stakeholders 
  • Ability to think strategically across shared analysis and to turn learnings into actionable recommendations and strategy
  • Experience running effective meetings 
  • Familiarity with political landscape and players in Texas a plus
  • Excellent writing, public speaking and analytical skills.
  • A background in racial justice and/or experience working with racially and culturally diverse partners, audiences, and workshop participants.
  • Ability to clearly and respectfully edit partner materials and provide feedback.
  • Familiarity with Zoom, Google Suite, Microsoft Office Suite and/or iWork Suite, and Slack.
  • Ability to work across, collaborate with, and onboard several statewide progressive organizations
  • Ability to handle multiple “priorities” assignments simultaneously and meet established deadlines.

    Preferred Qualifications:
  • Knowledge and experience with Race Class Narrative findings.
  • Previous experience in facilitation, popular education, and campaign communications
  • Understanding basic strategic communications practices
  • Established relationships with Texas and national movement-building organizations
  • Demonstrated commitment to social justice and social change

LOCATION: This position is based in Texas and may require travel around the state, with most partner organizations based in Austin. Due to the pandemic, most work will be virtual TBD.

COMPENSATION: The salary for this position will be between $6,500 to $8,800 per month, first four months will be contract and then salary hire with benefits thereafter with the expectation of full time work during that time. Salary dependent upon the applicant’s experience. The contract will sit with Texas 4 All coalition partner Texas Organizing Project. Potential for full-time permanent position after six months.

Send resume and work samples/portfolio to Tx4AllJobs@gmail.com.

**Women, people of color and directly impacted individuals are strongly encouraged to apply.