TOP is featured in new political documentary TEXAS, USA

Exciting news: TOP is being featured on the big screen!

We’re excited to be part of a new political documentary, TEXAS, USA, that showcases the work of Texas organizers to counter right-wing hate by charting a bold, progressive path forward for our state where EVERY TEXAN can thrive — regardless of their race, age, gender, faith, or background. 

TEXAS, USA premieres in New York City, Washington D.C., and Austin this week, with our Co-Executive Directors Brianna Brown and Michelle Tremillo in attendance, along with TOP board members.

This compelling documentary delves into the fight for real and lasting change in Texas and beyond. “Texas, USA” captures the essence of the political battleground that is Texas is, while it speaks to the significance Texas holds in shaping the political landscape nationwide.

TOP is beyond proud to have been showcased, amongst other organizers and politicians that are doing the work to mobilize voters, champion equitable policies, and make Texas a more inclusive and just place for all.

TEXAS, USA will be available for streaming October 6  on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Roku and Google Play.