Trump’s latest Census sabotage

Condemning Trump’s latest Census stunt

At a time when this pandemic is so clearly showing how the distribution of resources can be a matter of life and death for Black and Latino communities, it’s nothing short of malfeasance for President Trump to abruptly call for Census counting efforts to stop a month early at the end of September instead of the end of October.

Trump’s handling of the Census count has been as bungled as his response to the COVID-19 pandemic, and communities of color are bearing the brunt of his toxic combination of ineptness, arrogance, and racism.

We urge Congress to extend the Census counting deadline into next year, ensure that a full count is obtained with a robust door-to-door effort, and forcefully call out the Trump administration for its intentional politicization of this process that is key to determining an accurate distribution of power and money.

TOP will continue its work to inform our communities of the importance of completing the Census. We will not be deterred by a narcissistic bigot in the Oval Office who fails to grasp the concept of leadership. Remember to fill out the Census at

For more information, call or text Jessica Azua at (210) 844-3276.

Demand Cruz and Cornyn pass the HEROES Act

Millions of people across the country are financially hanging on by a thread during this pandemic because out-of-touch politicians like Texas Senators Ted Cruz and John Cornyn are dragging their feet on a critical relief bill. The House of Representatives has already passed the HEROES Act, a comprehensive and inclusive relief bill.

Each day that goes by that the Senate doesn’t pass the HEROES Act is another day of dreadful uncertainty for people who are unemployed, struggling to pay their bills, and on the verge of eviction. Working-class people shouldn’t have to suffer during a pandemic that our president and his enablers failed to contain. We deserve relief now!

SIGN OUR PETITION calling on Cruz and Cornyn to do their jobs and pass the HEROES ACT.

Harris County Jury Duty Survey

If you live in Harris County, fill out this jury duty survey from the County Clerk’s office. The County Clerk wants to make juries more representative of the county’s population and wants to hear from TOP members and supporters on what might keep us and our communities from participating in juries.  

Fill out the survey here.

Calling Them Out: TeaOP Awards Show

Last week, we had some fun broadcasting our first ever TeaOP Awards Show giving “awards” to elected officials who are hurting our communities. During the program, we threw some shade and playfully jabbed elected officials who just aren’t getting the job done for Texans.

Watch the show on Facebook here.

You can also view it on YouTube.

For more information, call or text Jessica Azua at (210) 844-3276.

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