Hitting back at Ken Paxton for his latest racist stunt

Trump enabler Ken Paxton is at it again. On Friday, our state’s disgraced attorney general had the gall to file a lawsuit against the Biden-Harris administration’s humane move to temporarily halt some deportations. It’s laughable how Paxton believes he has any legal standing to challenge this.

Then again, he’s only confirming what we Texans already know; that he is a racist, corrupt politician who does not hesitate to use the powers of his office to oppress Black and Latino communities to advance his far-right agenda.

We have two words for our state’s vile attorney general: Resign, Ken. Immigrants will not be intimidated by a fraud who thinks he is above the law.

Instead, we’re focused on winning the large-scale transformative immigration reform our undocumented communities deserve. Measures including an inclusive and swift pathway to citizenship for all, as well as full COVID-19 health and economic relief.

See more of our campaign demands here and call your representative in Congress for bold immigration reform!

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