TOP statement on impending Senate filibuster reform deadline

With one week until Senate Majority Leader Schumer’s deadline to pass filibuster reform for voting rights, Texas Organizing Project (TOP) Co-Executive Director Michelle Tremillo released the following statement: 

“Senate Democrats next week have the power and responsibility to protect voting rights – to counter voting restrictions shamelessly put in place by right-wing politicians across the country to dilute the electoral strength of Black and Latino voters. Millions of Americans are counting on Senate Majority Leader Schumer and his caucus to deliver a meaningful breakthrough in the fight to preserve our fundamental right to vote. 

“Last year, Texas House Democrats righteously used parliamentary procedures to their advantage to prevent Governor Abbott’s voter suppression bill from becoming law – even travelling to Washington to urge Congress to take action – but their efforts were not enough to stop the discriminatory legislation from being enacted. It is now up to our federal leaders to step up and prevent further erosion of access to the ballot box.

“It is critical Senate Democrats stick to the January 17 deadline that the Senate Majority Leader has set. As we have seen in Texas and across the country, as more and more restrictions are placed on who can vote and how, time is running out. We need strong protections for voting rights, and we need them now. No more delays.”


Texas Organizing Project organizes Black and Latino communities in Dallas, Harris and Bexar counties with the goal of transforming Texas into a state where working people of color have the power and representation they deserve. For more information, visit

This statement was sent out January 10, 2022.