TOP PAC statement on GOP Harris Co. Commissioners Ramsey & Cagle failing to show up to pass tax rate

The following statement is from Michelle Tremillo, Co-Executive Director of the Texas Organizing Project (TOP) PAC, in response to Republican Harris County Commissioners Tom Ramsey (Pct. 3) and Jack Cagle (Pct. 4) once again failing to appear at commissioners court Tuesday, preventing a tax rate from being passed and causing millions to be cut from Harris County’s budget.

“Republican Harris County Commissioners Ramsey and Cagle’s failure to show up and pass a tax rate is a slap in the face to the more than 4.8 million people who call Harris County home.

“By putting partisan politics ahead of public service, Ramsey and Cagle have now stripped away millions of dollars dedicated to public safety, public health, and infrastructure in Harris County’s budget.

“The fact they are now patting themselves on the back for slashing funding for law enforcement, flood control, and the county’s health system shows us how their stunt was always about political posturing, not about putting working families first.

“If Commissioners Ramsey and Cagle won’t do the job they were elected to do, then Harris County voters will elect actual leaders to replace them who will.”

Ray Brackens, TOP Board Member and Harris County resident:

“As a Harris County resident and taxpayer, the selfish actions of Commissioners Ramsey and Cagle have me livid. 

“Out of pure spite, these despicable men chose to endanger the wellbeing of everyday working Harris County residents who rely on county services, as well as the thousands of people employed by the county to administer those services.

“That is how much contempt Ramsey and Cagle have for their own constituents.”


Texas Organizing Project PAC runs the largest, independent Get-out-the-Vote political field programs in Texas, focusing on expanding the electorate of color, with an emphasis on turning out Black and Latino voters. To date, TOP PAC has mobilized hundreds of thousands of voters across the state with the aim of building a reflective democracy–one that looks like us and shares our values.

This statement was sent out October 26, 2022.