We’re endorsing Biden and Harris


We’re proud to announce the endorsed candidates TOP and TOP PAC will be pushing to the 1.6 million voters of color we are engaging this cycle, the new voices of Texas who will make the difference in flipping the state. TOP members screened more than 40 candidates this year, including during the primaries, in six counties across Texas. The endorsements were earned by candidates who have shown a commitment to centering the concerns and issues of Black and Latino communities, and who will fight with us to deliver policy changes that will improve our lives.

In this political moment, when our communities are hurting and putting their lives on the line because they’re frontline workers and are on the streets fighting for justice, our leaders felt the need to lean in on the issues that matter. Our leaders fully understand the challenges of passing more progressive legislation and want to stand behind elected leaders who will share our values on key issues and commit to figuring out how they use their office to move us closer to systemic policy shifts. We are ready to fight to elect the candidates who will fight with us. Then, once they’re elected, we’ll keep pushing them to deliver.

For 10 years, TOP has worked to grow the electorate in Texas by engaging Black and Latino voters with little or no history in voting. And for the first time in decades, Texas is a battleground state. Already, our program has sent more than one million texts and called more than 900,000 voters. We’re not just trying to win an election; we’re building a movement. This is how we’re building our power. This is how we’re going to change Texas to work for us.

View a list of our endorsed candidates here.

Energize and mobilize Texas voters with TOP

Early voting in Texas starts next Tuesday, October 13. We need your help contacting voters across the state to remind them of the high stakes of November’s election and help them cast their ballot. Our mission in 2020 is to further push our state toward a progressive future that will shift power into the hands of Black and Latino Texans. With your help, we can get one step closer to accomplishing this.

Join us for texting training sessions this Tuesday at 6 p.m. and Thursday at 12:30 p.m. In these trainings, we will show you how to use an app to turn out your friends and families to the polls.

Text or call Tempestt McHenry at 214-704-8114 or tmchenry@organizetexas.org to get the Zoom link to these trainings.

“When is Juneteenth: Are we really free?” livestream this Saturday

TOP and Black Citizenship in Action this Saturday will present “When is Juneteenth: Are we really free?,” a safe space for Black people in Texas. This event will allow Black people from across the state to come together to discuss our citizenship identity in America.

At 11 a.m. Saturday on TOP’s Facebook page, we will broadcast a panel discussion covering past and current events impacting Black citizens and how we organize our communities moving forward.

Share the Facebook event here.

For more information, call or text Terrance “TK” Koontz at 832-998-1886.

Census deadline extended to Oct. 31. Fill it out!

Thanks to a recent federal court ruling, the last day to complete your 2020 Census is October 31. Don’t wait any longer; complete the Census today!

Remember that the Census determines how money is allocated for schools, roads, clinics and other important services. The Census count also goes toward determining the amount of representatives our communities have in Congress.

Visit my2020census.gov to answer the nine simple Census questions in your preferred language. Your immigration status does not matter; there are no questions about citizenship. Be counted!