Celebrating Women’s History Month at TOP

Women are the heartbeat of the world: setting the agenda, driving change, building and flexing power for the common good, and achieving what was once the unimaginable.

As a group founded and led by women across the organization, TOP this month and every month channels the indomitable spirit of freedom-fighting women who came before us, with special focus on revolutionary women of color who, through, vision, immense struggle and sacrifice, have made countless contributions that have brought us closer to our collective liberation.

We are not asking for a ‘seat at the table’; we are unapologetically building our own while redefining what is possible every day through our very existence, and women of color are leading the way.

Throughout the month of March on TOP’s social media, we will be highlighting the contributions of women icons in the movement, as well as uplifting the work of TOP members and staff.

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