Battling voter suppression every inch of the way

Fueled by lies, paranoia, and racism, Texas Republicans are laser-focused this legislative session on making it harder for Black, Latino, and younger voters to cast their ballot.

Senate Bill (SB) 7, a Texas bill cut from the same cloth as the voter suppression law just passed in Georgia, made its way out of the Texas Senate last week, meaning it’s a dangerous step closer to becoming law. HB 6, a similar voter suppression bill in the Texas House, currently sits pending in committee.

Large Texas-based companies American Airlines and Dell voiced their opposition to these voter suppression bills in the last few days, and more are following suit. We need to urge our state representatives to say NO to Jim and Jane Crow 2.0.

TAKE ACTION: Click here to call your representative to demand they oppose SB 7 and HB 6.

WATCH today’s press conference featuring TOP, progressive statewide allies, as well as Black Voters Matter, Beto O’Rourke and Julián Castro in response to these racist voter suppression efforts.

For more information, call or text Devin Branch at (832) 705-2291.