Securing a Houston housing justice organizing win

ORGANIZING WIN: On June 1, 2022, TOP’s Harris County Housing Justice campaign members were pleased to see included in next year’s Houston city budget the funding for salaries for eight habitability/health inspectors in the first year of the Apartment Inspection Reform program — an initiative of Houston City Council Member Letitia Plummer (At-Large, Position 4).

TOP Houston members testified in support of this passed budget amendment which will increase accountability for landlords to provide livable housing for ALL Houston tenants.

Our Harris County Housing Justice campaign believes housing is a fundamental human right. Every Houstonian deserves to live in a home that is clean, safe, and inhabitable. We are proud that this passed budget amendment will ultimately improve housing conditions for many more Houston tenants in the coming months.

Contact Mitzi Ordoñez at to learn more about this victory and how you can get involved in our Harris County Housing Justice efforts.