TOP PAC Powers Harris County DA Candidate Sean Teare to Victory in Democratic Primary

The following statement is from Brianna Brown, Co-Executive Director of Texas Organizing Project (TOP), in response to TOP PAC’s efforts to help Sean Teare defeat incumbent Harris County DA Kim Ogg in the 2024 Texas Democratic Primary:

“Tonight, Sean Teare’s win in the Democratic primary for Harris County District Attorney is a huge victory, and a significant milestone in our ongoing mission to reimagine our legal system, one district attorney at a time. Teare’s win also underscores that progressive legal reform policies are popular, and respect the dignity and advance the prosperity of all Harris County residents – regardless of race, class, or gender, or ZIP Code. Through our comprehensive get-out-the-vote (GOTV) program, TOP knocked on more than 94,000 doors across Harris County, informing voters of Sean Teare and the impacts that this electoral race has on everyday working families.”

Brown continued, “TOP’s overall commitment to electing reform-minded district attorneys is driven by an understanding of the pivotal role they play in our legal system — from making charging decisions to setting bail recommendations, and from prosecuting cases to recommending sentences. The power district attorneys hold can either perpetuate a cycle of incarceration, or pivot toward a more restorative, equitable legal framework that truly serves the community.”

Laquita Garcia, TOP’s Right2Justice Policy Coordinator, echoed TOP’s strategy and the importance of accountability post-election:

“With Sean Teare’s advancing, TOP has once again proved the thesis of our two-pronged strategy to transform Texas: mobilizing people power and wielding political power. By focusing our large-scale get-out-the-vote programs on increasing the participation of Black and Latino voters, we’re not just electing individuals; we’re ensuring that the voices of those most affected by the legal system are heard loud and clear.”

Garcia continued “Our work, however, doesn’t stop here. The real work begins the day after the election in November. We remain steadfast in our commitment to holding elected DAs accountable, ensuring that they stay true to their promises of reform and justice for all communities. This victory is a step forward in our broader mission to dismantle systemic barriers and forge a path toward a more just and equitable society.”

TOP will continue to fight for equitable justice reforms that prioritize the safety and dignity of all residents, demonstrating the power of community-led advocacy in shaping a more inclusive and just society.


About Texas Organizing Project (TOP) PAC:

TOP PAC runs the largest, independent get-out-the-vote political field programs in Texas, focusing on expanding the electorate of color, with an emphasis on turning out Black and Latino voters. To date, TOP PAC has mobilized hundreds of thousands of voters across the state with the aim of building a reflective democracy — one that looks like us and shares our values. Learn more at