TOP Calls For Paxton​ Accountability As Impeachment Trial Set To Begin

Former Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has proven himself unfit for leadership time and time again. During his tenure, Paxton abused the power of this office, using his role to service wealthy donors and a far-right agenda. A Trump and MAGA acolyte, who participated at the January 6th rally ahead of the insurrection at the Capitol, he has also been under indictment for securities fraud since 2015. The following is a joint statement from Texas Organizing Project (TOP) Co-Executive Directors, Brianna Brown and Michelle Tremillo, on the start of Paxton’s impeachment trial:

Brianna Brown, TOP Co-Executive Director, said, “Ken Paxton’s impeachment trial is not just a reckoning for one man’s corruption; it’s a referendum on an Attorney General who has consistently made life harder for many Texans, particularly Black and Latino communities. From voter suppression to leading the effort to dismantle the Affordable Care Act, his record is a laundry list of policies that harm the most vulnerable Texans. And let’s not forget Paxton’s audacious attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election results, another glaring example of his willingness to undermine democracy for political gain. Paxton’s behavior is a betrayal of Texans’ trust and an affront to the principles of justice and fairness that should guide any Attorney General.”

Michelle Tremillo, TOP Co-Executive Director, emphasized, “Unlike Paxton, Texas deserves an Attorney General who actively champions voter engagement and defends democracy. Our communities want an Attorney General who fights voter suppression under the Americans with Disabilities Act and protects constitutional rights by scrutinizing counties that criminalize voting. It’s time for an Attorney General who serves the interests of all Texans and expands access to the ballot box.”

The Paxton impeachment trial is an essential step in restoring Texans’ faith in democratic institutions and ensuring that future elected officials know that if they exploit their powerful positions for personal gain, there will be consequences. 


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