TOP PAC continues to move the needle of progressive political power in Texas, fighting off right-wing hate and disinformation

The following statement is from Brianna Brown, Co-Executive Director of Texas Organizing Project (TOP), reflecting on TOP PAC’s efforts in the 2024 Texas Democratic Primary:

“TOP PAC launched an intensive candidate screening process at the end of 2023 with the goal of endorsing primary candidates who are unwavering in their commitment to enshrining our rights, protecting our freedoms, and fighting far-right MAGA extremism ― all while transforming our state into a place where Black and Latino Texans can thrive. The result was a slate of 13 endorsed leaders ready to champion progressive policies that will benefit ALL communities across our state.

“These past four weeks, TOP PAC’s get-out-the-vote campaign knocked on 128,567 doors in Bexar, Dallas, and Harris counties, informing working Texans not only about our endorsed candidates, but about issues that affect their daily lives ― ranging from housing and healthcare, to immigration reform, legal system reform, and public education. A coalition consisting of TOP PAC, Working Families Party, Working People’s PAC (Gulf Coast AFL-CIO), Unemployed Workers United, and Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC collectively knocked on more than 160,000 doors in Harris County over the course of the primary.

“TOP PAC’s comprehensive voter engagement work is critical in connecting everyday issues to the ballot box and, ultimately, the officeholders who we elect and work to hold accountable. We saw this in real-time Tuesday, as TOP PAC’s GOTV program helped unseat Harris County DA Kim Ogg, an incumbent who strayed from implementing reforms, and who was using her elected office to launch political attacks on county officials. 

“This on-the-ground consistent voter engagement work is such an important part of our mission to create a true Texas that reflects our values and uplifts each and every person ― regardless of age, race, gender, income, or faith.

Dr. Doshie Piper, TOP Board President, added:

“We understand that there is no way to establish progressive power in our state — to actually create a Texas that works for everyone — without meaningful and consistent voter engagement in Black and Latino neighborhoods.

“Each and every election cycle, TOP PAC works to expand and strengthen the progressive infrastructure in our communities, which allows us to connect with these voters and mobilize them around issues that matter deeply to them. This is how we change the political landscape in our state and put more power into the hands of Black and Latino Texans. This is how we win the change all Texans deserve.”

TOP PAC congratulates the following endorsed candidates in advancing or winning their Democratic primary races:

Harris County

Sean Teare for Harris County District Attorney (Win)
Christian Menefee for Harris County Attorney (Win)
Sheila Jackson Lee for Congress, TX-18 (Win)
Molly Cook for Texas Senate, Dist. 15 (Runoff)
Lauren Ashley Simmons for Texas State Representative, Dist. 146 (Runoff)

Bexar County

Kristian Carranza for Texas State Representative, Dist. 118 (Win)
Rebeca Clay-Flores for Bexar County Commissioner, Pct. 1 (Runoff)

Dallas County

Cassandra Hernandez for Texas State Representative, Dist. 115 (Win)

Travis County

José Garza for Travis County District Attorney (Win)


About Texas Organizing Project (TOP) PAC:
TOP PAC runs the largest, independent get-out-the-vote political field programs in Texas, focusing on expanding the electorate of color, with an emphasis on turning out Black and Latino voters. To date, TOP PAC has mobilized hundreds of thousands of voters across the state with the aim of building a reflective democracy — one that looks like us and shares our values. Learn more at

This press release was sent out March 6, 2024.